Interagens offers Interactive Animated Characters (IACs): animated digital characters that make user interaction more effective and engaging.

IACs are used for increasing and keep visitors of web sites, assisting e-learning users, realizing innovative videogames, and much more.

Clients can:

  • let Interagens realize a customized IAC according to their needs

    images of Interactive Animated  Characters final-character

  • choose a IAC among the available ones

    images of Interactive Animated  Characters

  • personalize the IAC's colors and shapes

  • choose emotions of the IAC

  • let the IAC talk

  • use the IAC in their own applications

IACs can be used in various types of interactive software and multimedia contents:

  • web sites, internet and intranet portals

  • on-line courses (e-learning)

  • videogames, serious games

  • web / software / multimedia applications for PC, CD-ROM, DVD, mobile phones and devices, interactive kiosks